Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Story 003: Black Cherry Blues

Black Cherry Blues by James Lee BurkeThis time around, Julie and Scott discuss James Lee Burke's Black Cherry Blues. This gritty story won an Edgar Award for Best Novel in 1990, and is third of Burke's Dave Robicheaux novels. The book is remarkable for its well-written prose and the emotional baggage carried by nearly every character. The setting is contemporary Louisiana and Montana.

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Extra Stuff mentioned in the podcast:
The Good Wife, a CBS TV series.


Quirks and Creation, an Episode of Being from American Public Media. A discussion with John Polkinghorne about science and religion. "Science and religion are often pitted against one another; but how do they complement, rather than contradict, one another? We learn how one man applies the deepest insights of modern physics to think about how the world fundamentally works, and how the universe might make space for prayer."

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