Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good Story 064: Apollo 13

Julie was busy in the LEM when Scott stirred the tanks. The rest is history! Apollo 13, directed by Ron Howard, is the subject of Good Story Episode 64.

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  1. Realized I haven't seen this since it came out on VHS. Immediately put the Blu-Ray version on my Netflicks queue. Such a great movie on all levels.

    Growing up during this era I think the space program had many effects on my own life. My love of science, science fiction, and technology. I just wonder how much I would have been attracted to these things without the space program? I loved following the coverage of the missions and reading about aspects of the space program.

    Even going into the Navy and working as an avionics technician was influenced by this and building electronics kits as a kid. I always thought it was so cool seeing the capsule recovered and the astronauts being taken to a carrier. Although by the time I entered the Navy that part of the space program was over so never got to see a recovery in person.

    On my first carrier I remember this one sailor who was a serious geek. He had a degree in electronics engineering yet had come in as enlisted as a tech. Once he told me he loved being on ships because it was the closest thing to being on a space ship. My first reaction and those of other who heard this was "what a geek", later I realized how much I resonated with this since there was much truth in it.