Thursday, November 28, 2013

Good Story 073: Unholy Night

Julie and Scott escape from prison and meet a very nice couple and their newborn baby. But there's just something about that baby... Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith.

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  1. I'm not one to get outraged over stuff like Dan Brown's work because... Dan Brown's work simply isn't very good. I wasn't even a Catholic when it came out and thought it was rather weak- but then conspiracy stories don't do much for me and his writing style leaves a lot to be desired. One passage from Inferno:

    “Langdon thanked her and took the phone. While she prattled on beside him about how terrible she would feel if she lost her iPhone, Langdon pulled up Google’s search window and pressed the microphone button. When the phone beeped once, Langdon articulated his search. ‘Dante, Divine Comedy, Paradise, Canto Twenty-five.’ The woman looked amazed, apparently having yet to learn about this feature.”

    I would be more outraged at paying money for material like that. As for the controversy? Well, the man thrives off it. How else could someone write this with a straight face:

    “We are an organism that, despite our unmatched intellect, cannot seem to control our own numbers. No amount of free contraception, education, or government enticement works. We keep having babies … whether we want to or not. Did you know the CDC just announced that nearly half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned? And, in underdeveloped nations, that number is over seventy percent!” Langdon had seen these statistics before and yet only now was he starting to understand their implications. As a species, humans were like the rabbits that were introduced on certain Pacific islands and allowed to reproduce unchecked to the point that they decimated their ecosystem and finally went extinct.”

    I got both of those quotes from one site and they tell me all I need to know about that book and how little he's really learned. He doesn't write to write stories- he writes to get under people's skin.

    Stephen King or Dean Koontz he ain't.

    Another great podcast, I'm afraid of what I'll have to do with so little Good Story to wait for, but I'll manage somehow. Have a good Thanksgiving!

    1. I almost feel the same way! What? No movies or books to talk about with Scott? What will I do? :-)

  2. Thanks a million, JD! Well said on Dan Brown, and may January arrive at double speed. Looking forward to talking about Muscle Shoals and anything else that comes up next year.

  3. Joseph R. from Zombie Parent Guide just reviewed the book on Goodreads, comparing it to In Bruges. Excellent comparison and I can't believe I didn't think of it.