Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Story 085: The Source

Julie trudges through the desert with no water. Scott knows where to find a good well and also fascinating history about the Holy Land. A lot of history. They both enjoy a tall glass of ice water while discussing The Source by James Michener.

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  1. I too read this years ago in high school, while growing up in Israel.
    a few comments.
    Makor - the a is soft - like arm and means the source, does Michener ever say that?
    Tel Makor is based on Meggido - Armageddon. And now, in ancient terms - that is not close to Jerusalem, today it is, but not then
    The tunnel is based on Hezikiah's tunnel.’s-tunnel-city-david if you go, this is a must!!!
    Via Delarosa - probably 20 feet above where it was in Jesus day, When you go to The church of the nativity or the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, you will see that the most ancient chambers are deep under ground.

    I had to laugh at the description of the different Jews. Ashkenazi - Eastern European Jews - and back in the 1960s they probably did feel they were the intellectual ones. Sephardic Jews - Middle Eastern Jews - the diaspora from Spain (Sepharad) scattered throughout north Africa and Turkey and the Balkans. Interesting, Iraqi, Iranians and Kurdish Jews get lumped in with Sephardic - even if they are different. The Spanish diaspora didn't get there, although through the dispersion of Jewish Law - they tend to be closer to the Sephardic Law. (Biggest difference between Ashkenazi and Sephardi are dietary laws - Eastern Europeans only had boiled meat and vegetables - so on Passover it is very easy for them to not have beans or legumes. These were common in Spain and North Africa - so don't get thrown out as not kosher for Passover.)
    Biggest difference was until the creation of the modern State of Israel, Ashkenazi Jews prohibited bigamy back in the 10th century (or earlier, not clear on my dates) Sephardic Jews allowed it until the State forbad it.
    Marriage in Cyprus has increased 100 fold in the last few decades, the Rabinate controls marriage - a divorced woman can remarry - but not to a Cohen - a man of the priestly tribe. Of course the Rabinate in controlling marriage has alienated the secular Jews and many want nothing to do with it and since there is no civil marriage in Israel, people go abroad.

  2. Thanks very much for your insight, Leah!

  3. Sounds absolutely fascinating. I haven't yet read anything by Mitchener, but I think that will have to change.

    I'm also definitely interested to her both your takes on Midnight In Paris. Woody Allen has always been a mixed bag with me for a variety of reasons, but that film showed much unexpected maturity to it, especially the ending.

  4. If you are interested in the cave of forgotten dreams, and early humanity, track down Eric Hoffer's book of essays, "First things, last things" (early 70s) and read the first two essays-- VERY readable, marvelous, about these early times.

  5. Hi - I have just read The Source and I was delighted to find this podcast. It was like being able to discuss the book with other people who had just read it too. The comments were really insighful - especially about Judaism and Catholicism. I think I probably need to go back and read it again to make sure I don't lose all the detail - perhaps I'll return in a few years time! Thanks very much for recording this - it was so much appreciated. Alice (from London, UK)

  6. Relistening... there is a great book about Jesus' teaching from a traditional middle east understanding, by a pastor who has lived in traditional communities there for decades, rhetorically sophisticated, but interesting discussions about the meaning of parables and teachings from the context of how people lived and thought... including the nativity

    1. Hi Nancy! I'd love to know the name of that book if you have it...

    2. I would too. Is Kenneth Bailey the author? (sp?) I've heard him recommended by several others.

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