Friday, November 7, 2014

Good Story 095: The Catholic Church Through the Ages

In Episode 95, Julie and Scott talk about history. Genuine, real-life Church history. Some things are discussed that no one expects! The Catholic Church Through the Ages by John Vidmar.

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By sheer coincidence, Fr. Robert Barron just posted a very worthwhile video called "The Development of Doctrine". Here it is:


  1. A small correction. St. John of the Cross had no involvement with the inquisition. He was locked up by his fellow Carmelites because of his working for reforming the Carmelites with St. Teresa of Avila and starting what became the Discalced (no shoes) branch. This was very fortunate as he wrote the spiritual classic "Dark Night of the Soul" while imprisoned. The story of his escape from confinement is rather cool.

  2. Oh and the word you were looking for was subsidiarity which was really introduced by Leo XIII in the encyclical Rerum Novarum. That encyclical is quite worth reading as are the two other encyclicals on the same subject by other popes including Pope Saint John Paul II.

    And the Pope in WWI was Pope Benedict XV (this one was easy to remember for me since this was the previous pope named Benedict). He was about the only worldwide figure trying to stop WWI and certainly the most vocal.

    1. I had a feeling I was going to expose my sizable ignorance about history ... but I also knew I could count on you to help a girl out! Thanks Jeff!

      Just to be clear, I added John of the Cross when talking. The author didn't have him mentioned in connection with the Spanish Inquisition. So HE knows his history! :-)