Sunday, November 22, 2015

Good Story 121: Skyfall

In Episode 121, Julie and Scott chased James Bond who was after Silva who was after M. Q was no help whatsoever. Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes.

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  1. As far as James Bond is concerned, I like the tongue in cheek Roger Moore. Just saw Spectre and it was way to dark for me, maybe with the latest terrorist attacks all over the world I simply need a different kind of escape.
    I must say, I was thrilled with your letting a little bit of the cat out of the bag about your political feelings. I wanted to pull out my cross and say - me too - and I'm Jewish, so I don't have a cross.
    Can I just state that a large part of my horror over Paris, Israel, Lebanon, russian Jetliner..... etc is this reaction that anyone asking for vetting of refugees is evil, mean and hates foreigners. I simply can no longer listen to anyone who keeps saying Islam isn't the enemy, we must love everyone. Of course not all Muslims, but then not all Germans were Nazis and not all Cambodians were Pol Pot, so what, if we can't name the source of the enemies ideology - we can't protect ourselves. There is Islam and there is Radical Islam, some of us can tell the difference.
    I know that Julie is very pro-life and has prayed on this issue. I am probably more in the middle here, although, the older I get the less tolerance I have for abortion on demand. Somehow Planned Parenthood came up in a conversation where it really shouldn't have. I couldn't keep quiet and mentioned my disgust over what has happened there. Not surprise - I've seen to many 'decent' people claim that although the Nazis and the Japanese were evil - we should use their research on humans because those people are already dead and we can benefit. So I'm not surprised, I'm very saddened - to my shock, my 'friend' immediately lashed out and called me naive. I couldn't ask - did you see the videos, I can't bring myself to do so, but I read the full transcripts and I have no doubt they are true. I asked her if I'm so naive, why did the head of PP announce that no more money would taken for body parts - needless to say the conversation changed at that point.
    I don't like the polarization that is happening, I hide most of my politics from most people I come in contact with, except these days, I won't be silent about Israel or about abortion anymore.

    So there may be some who stop listening in disgust, but others like me, who enjoyed it no matter what are simply happy that in a small way we have more in common - even though I am sure we probably still have some pretty large political disagreements.

  2. Hello Leah!

    I'm generally conservative, but can't really say I fit neatly in. I question myself a LOT.

    On the Syrian refugees, I think we need to do whatever we can to help them. What a difficult spot they are in, and what a difficult position society is in. Love is always risky.

    I'm with you on polarization - I dislike that people can't talk to each other. But maybe that has always been the case... religion and politics, right?

    Thank you so much for this post, and listening to the podcast! I always enjoy hearing from you, Leah!

  3. Scott, we could have some very interesting discussions. We'd both be lumped in as conservative and yet we don't agree on everything. But I"m sure we'd listen to each other and agree to disagree without name calling. To be honest, I'm not firmly wed to any idea - I have changed my mind on many topics, sometimes moving in a more conservative direction and sometimes in a more liberal. This is how life should be.

  4. Absolutely! I couldn't agree more.


  5. I love this whole conversation. I think that is what the Catholic Church does for me. It doesn't let me get too comfortable with any political stance or party. It bridges (or rejects) parts of all of them because God's view, the religious view ... is bigger than that and also focused on things which can't be nailed down that easily.

    Just to use one example, life is precious. What that means, changes depending on if you are talking about abortion or the death penalty or Syrian refugees. But there is always that absolute to compare everything to — the preciousness of life.

    That's where our elder brothers, the Hebrews, set up the way to listen and apply God's word ... and to look at everything with that lens. For which I am truly grateful. :-)

  6. I have always felt that this is what Judeo-Christian thought brought into the world - life is precious. Even there, Judaism doesn't make a blanket statement - there is death penalty in the bible. My niece who is a very religious Orthodox woman was told by Rabbis and Drs. that she had to have an abortion because of some very serious medical issues with the baby - she listened to them because they came from a place of medicine and Torah. So there are no absolutes, and I think this is what bothers me so much these days. I can say Radical Islam and am accused of blaming all muslims. It's the absolutes that bother me.

    1. Of course you are right, one must always weigh all the factors. We live among shades of gray most of the time. Catholic teachings would say that if there is a health risk to the mother, then one must treat her and let nature take its course with an expected child, for example. And that, in itself, is a blanket guideline that must be carefully applied to different circumstances.

      There are absolutes, but applying them to life is the tricky part. God is good. An absolute. Life is precious. An absolute. But how do we apply these to living with our neighbors? Because free will is also an absolute ... when are we infringing on our neighbor's God-given rights if we impose our will on them?

      And so forth and so on... :-)

  7. What scares me so much today is how Isis is desperately trying to get the world back to paganism. What they are doing is the true face of pagans, not some pretty fairy tale about living in harmony with the Gaia.

  8. This episode embodies everything I love about this podcast. Never change, you two! (erm...that is, always change, in the spirit of constant conversion...but you know what I mean :) ) Here's to another 121!