Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Good Story 252: The Book of Tobit

Julie and Scott are pretty sure this guy they're on a road trip with is an archangel. Or Karl Urban. One or the other. Episode 252: The Book of Tobit from the Old Testament.

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  1. Luther started from his own interpretation of theology and looked for reasons to reject the dueterocannonical books. Ultimately because of this he ignored Jewish communities that included this in favor of a more modern pharisee canon developed later. So ultimately he fit the criteria to match his aim. He also rejected NT books such as James because it includes "faith alone", along with Hebrews, and Revelations.

    Still the original KJV included them. It was only later because of cost savings by bible societies that they stopped being included at all. The book to read is "Why Catholic Bibles are Bigger" by Gary Machuta. He is the man when it comes to this and this is a great read.

    1. Thanks very much, Jeff! I'll look up that book. It's a question I get asked a lot and I need to understand it better.

      Another book recommended to me that I have is "A Popular History of the Reformation" by Philip Hughes.

    2. I'm definitely going to look for that book. Thanks Jeff!

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