About Us

Why This Podcast?
We are both frequent contributors to the SFFaudio site and podcast ... and we have a lot in common, one thing being that we are both practicing Catholics. After an SFFaudio podcast one week (the Readalong about The Stars My Destination), we realized that there was a lot to say about some of these books from a Catholic perspective, and we were leaving much of it unsaid. This led to the idea of a podcast where we talk about books and movies “as Catholics”.


Who Are We?
Julie Davis is a Catholic convert who lives with her husband in Dallas, Texas, where they have a graphic design business. They have two daughters, Hannah and Rose who have both graduated from college and begun careers of their own. Their dogs are named Wash and Kaylee (Firefly). Hannah's  dogs are named Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker (Futurama). Think they geek out over sci-fi pop culture? Just a little.

Julie blogs at Happy Catholic and Meanwhile Back in the Kitchen. Her Forgotten Classics podcast features readings of great authors and stories that should be better known.

Write her if you feel like it at: julie@glyphnet.com


Scott D. Danielson is a cradle Catholic who took some time to explore other options before returning to the church more than twelve years ago. He lives with his wife and kids in northern Utah, where it is currently almost a degree F outside. Also living with them is a German shepherd named Tonks.

Scott blogs at Shelf Wear.

Write him if you feel like it at: scott@shelfwear.com