Thursday, October 25, 2012

Good Story 045: The Sixth Sense

This is Episode 45, during which Julie and Scott see dead people. They both enjoyed M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense.

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  1. As for whether the review of the sequences was a conceit of the director. Possibly, though I would side it being skill. It really punctuated the story and it was a type of unveiling of the story. It totally added to the enjoyment.

    Also loved Signs, despite the fact the aliens must have been from the same planet as the Wicked With of the West.

    Scott you have convinced me to watch The Happening. Others of his movies that were hated I enjoyed. The Last Airbender was OK, but there was so much loss of potential there. I recently watched the animated series in its entirety and it is just so good. I was kind of shocked how good it was.

    Another of his early movies that is quite interesting is "Wide Awake" which certainly shows his interest in the faith element. Plus amazingly Rosie O'Donnell as a nun was actually good.

  2. I also have been convinced to watch The Happening, though I will probably have to do it through my fingers to avoid the suicide parts. I have been meaning to watch Wide Awake ... I think that you and possibly some others (Joseph Susanka?) have told me it is great.

  3. Did you all talk about the symbolism of the red objects in the "The Sixth Sense"? They are in every scene where there is supernatural disorder. For example, the red blanket the boy hides under in his room, the red balloon that precedes the attack in the attic at the birthday party, the red dress of the mother at the funeral wake, the red door knob to the doctor's basement office, etc.

    1. I didn't even notice all the red. Dang! Well that just means I'll have to watch it again! :-)

      I know he is known for other devices which I appreciate, such as reflections ... so I try to keep my eyes open for them, but that went right over my head.

  4. The mental disorder you were trying to think of is Munchausen-by-proxy... the person gets attention for themselves by making someone near them sick. (usually their child)

    I had no idea what the Latin was at the beginning... thanks!!

  5. Though Shyamalan only wrote the story, you should really check out Devil. I understand that although he is not Catholic, Shyamalan was raised in a Catholic school, so it really shows through in his work.

  6. This is my big take on MNS