Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good Story 048: The Paper

It's never going to be that one big moment; it's going to be a bunch of small ones. Julie and Scott experience the mayhem of a day at a tabloid newspaper in New York City, and learn a lot on the way. The Paper, directed by Ron Howard, starring Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Robert Duvall, and Glenn Close.

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  1. I had kind of forgotten about this movie, but it is one I really liked. Ron Howard can really run hot and cold. For example I loved "Cinderella Man" which was such a good movie, but his version of the Grinch was horrifically bad. "A Beautiful Mind" was also quite interesting - though maybe it is Russell Crowe that helps Howard out. Though he certainly excelled with Apollo 13. Plus I really liked Willow which I have watched multiple times, probably not the greatest movie but full of b-movie goodness.

    Plus I guess I am glad that he made the Da Vinci Code a bit of a turkey. I remember once joking why he directed this movie since he thought "Opus Dei" was Latin for "Opie Die"

    As far as Star Trek goes. Voyager is the only of the series I stopped watching. Enterprise was quite mediocre until the 4th season when it actually became quite good when they had a good story arc for the whole season. The 5th season went back down to mediocre. I rewatched Deep Space 9 last year and it got better has it progressed partly with add the writer Ronald D. Moore who went on later to Battlestar Galactica (the best SF ever on television as far as I am concerned and it took over Babylon 5 for me).

    Oh by the way Julie Churchill allowing Coventry to be bombed is a myth. Churchill had acted on Enigma information multiple times and there is just no historical facts to back up this claim. Though I have heard this claimed all over the place.

  2. That Churchill info is interesting. Where did you read about it (or watch it)? Love to get that info for myself and my husband who is a real history fan.

  3. Julie, I think I first found it linked via Kathy Shaidles blog as she often links to "things everybody knows that isn't true" as Mark Shea would say. Before I posted the comment I had done a quick Google search and a couple of sites said the same thing. So it's on the internet so that should satisfy anyone.