Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good Story 056: Be Kind, Rewind

In Episode 56, Julie and Scott talk Be Kind, Rewind - a movie directed by Michel Gondry that stars Jack Black and Mos Def. Don't worry - they rewound it for you. Let them know if the tape is blank, and they'll see what they can do.

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  1. Such a great quirky movie. A bit uneven at times, but mostly it was fun to go with the plot. Although the view towards history I also found annoying.

    Jack Black is one of those guys I want to like in movies, but usually don't quite pull it off. This movie though along with "School of Rock" are certainly in the win column for him. Especially School of Rock where he was able to combine his talents and humor and music quite well. Oh and the name of Jack Black's band is Tenacious D which I first learned about from my brother.

    Now if I was going to swede a movie it would be Jason and the Argonauts. I so love Harry Harryhausen and his work and that movie would have lots of fun opportunities for homemade props. Having grown up in the theater I would have lots of fun with it.

    As for Scott's lack of excitement about books being made into movies, I mostly share that. My first reaction is not "I can hardly wait", but what soul destroying changes are they going to make to it. Even understanding the differences in the two medium's usually doesn't help with the disappointment.

  2. I completely forgot about Harryhausen movies. Those open a whole new world of possibilities. Such as ... speaking of stop motion ... Wallace and Gromit.

    I like the way you put it on the book to movie transition: soul destroying changes. That is why I was so surprised that reading the books didn't ruin my view of the Night Watch and Day Watch movies.

  3. That is an excellent way to put it, Jeff. Decisions are constantly being made with the stories that have nothing to do with telling a good story. How can we maximize the profit on this movie? What can we put in there that would appeal to the most people?

    Of course, those are the wrong questions to ask. Soul destroying, indeed.

    A sweded Wallace and Gromit? Hilarious. Let's do the short "A Close Shave". My very favorite.