Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Story 081: Shower

Scott has this great idea for an automated shower, if only Julie would front him a few dollars. The guys at the bathhouse are not taking sides. The subject of Episode 81 is Shower (1999), directed by Zhang Yang.

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  1. You guys always find interesting stuff I've never heard of.

    Count me in as an animation fan. In fact, my favorite Batman movie is animated (Mask of the Phantasm), and my favorite TV show is Trigun. I just love all the different things that can be done in animation that can't be done in a live action film or show.

    I was also a fan of The Iron Giant, even got to see it in theater with a friend, as we've been Brad Bird fans since The Simpsons and the Family Dog short he did long ago. I'm sure The Incredibles 2 will be great, too, as Bard Bird is not one to do something without a plan. Him and Pete Docter are Pixar's best, in my opinion, I would see anything they had a hand in.

  2. Julie gets the kudos for finding rare wonderful things. Be sure to give The Castle a look!

  3. Thank you, thank you! :-)

    Also take a look at Not One Less for another interesting Chinese movie which tells a charming little story. It is interesting especially because the underlying message is a critique of the Chinese school system wherein the country schools never got teaching supplies. The Communist government didn't allow public rebukes yet this movie was a national favorite and resulted in people donating loads of supplies to poor schools.

    None of that ruins the movie, believe me.

  4. I got super nostalgic when you mentioned The Iron Giant. I absolutely loved that movie when I was growing up. My parents also watched it many, many times 'in the background' as you did. I don't make a point of owning many movies, but I really feel a need to get a copy on DVD.

    Also, I am so jazzed that you are discussing 'I Confess' in an upcoming episode! Such an awesome film. Julie will not be disappointed. Oddly enough, I think that's one of the only Hitchcock films I've actually seen. I remember watching it for the first time in college with friends and having lots of Catholic fangirl moments :)

    1. Now I'm even more excited to see I Confess! And I saw it has Montgomery Clift in it. I love him!