Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good Story 101: Calvary

Julie and Scott watched Calvary (written and directed by John Michael McDonagh) then discuss it until they run out of things to say. They are both sure they'll think of something to add by Sunday week.

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Another McDonagh directed In Bruges - we discussed it in Episode 29.

Julie's review of Calvary.

Interview with Writer/Director John Michael McDonagh

Holbein's Memento Mori ... see it from the intended perspective here.

Read more about it at Wikipedia


  1. I came here looking for pictures of a Weasley, but I had to Google it myself! He played Bill, the oldest brother who goes off to dragons and (I think?) marries Fleur?

    This was a great film!

    1. So glad you liked Calvary! And thanks for the Weasley update. At least he wasn't one of the twins, who I always found annoying.

  2. This was a great episode- suitable for a great film! I loved all the insight Julie had from the Q&A and interview. It's so cool when I like a story and then I listen to your podcast and it makes it that much more enjoyable to me. Another of my favorite podcasts is called Finding Christ in Cinema. Their most recent episode is on Calvary and have also done Signs, The Village, and much more. They do a great job of pulling Biblical truth from films. Here's a link to their list of films they want to cover, and an Index that links to past shows, I hope y'all check it out!

    Thanks for the show, it's really one I love to listen to!

  3. Philip, thank you so much!

    I hadn't heard of that podcast but hastened to download the Apollo 13 episode. Really looking forward to listening. Thanks for the recommendation. :-)