Friday, May 8, 2015

Good Story 107: Frequency

All these years, Julie and Scott have been recording these podcasts through time. Julie discovers this (because of Scott Pilgrim - long story), and is annoyed that Scott didn't tell her about Google. "Frequency" is the movie, and it has Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel, and Andre Braugher. Episode 107!

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  • The Bowery Boys, New York History


    1. So love this movie. This is another movie that I learned about from Steven Greydanus. Never had even heard of it. Have watched it several times since I got the DVD.

      So many "family is important" movies are vapid like Hallmark Channel productions. Message without the underlying art. Just about every aspect of this movie is well done which makes rewatching it so enjoyable even when you know the story. There are so many missing father movies and it is nice to finally have one which reverses this. Plus add in the SF aspects and what more could you want.

      Really look forward to the G.K. Chesterton discussion. Oddly my favorite comment from G.K on St. Francis is from his book "The Dumb Ox" on St. Thomas Aquinas.

      "It is an old story that, while we may need somebody like Dominic to convert the heathen to Christianity, we are in even greater need of somebody like Francis, to convert the Christians to Christianity."

      "The Dumb Ox" is also quite excellent. It was funny since Dominican scholars were surprised about how insightful the book was when they found out that how little actual research he did with historical scholarship.

      1. I can't remember how we found this but also have loved rewatching it over the years. Until our conversation I never focused consciously on the father-son aspect, but of course it infuses the movie. "Mom" is important to both, but once you pay attention you notice that she's barely in it. And that's ok.

        The Dumb Ox is the only Chesterton nonfiction I've been able to really get into (though recently I did enjoy his book about Dickens but it depends largely on you having read all his books, which I haven't). It was excellent and I also loved that line about St. Francis.

        I'm really looking forward to reading it.

    2. Person of Interest was renewed for a 13 episode fifth season. It looks like it will be wrapping up. I wouldn't mind y'all talking about a few episodes of this show, honestly. It's got a lot of meaty stuff to talk about and I never see anyone talking about it.

      As for Frequency, I've always been a fan of this movie ever since I first saw it ages ago. It's not just all the pro-family and father-son themes that I like, but that it weaves in a fun thriller at the same time.

      Plus it plays on our greatest temptation in regards to time travel. A chance to go back and change things to be the way they should be. The father learns of the future and changes his life to better prepare for it and the son finally sheds the past and is able to move on with his life. These are both things we all wish we were prepared to deal with and overcome, but just can't seem to. The movie does quite a lot for a simple time travel thriller.

      I'm glad you guys chose to talk about this one, it's easily one of my favorites.

      1. I'd love to talk about Person of Interest but Scott would have to watch several seasons because to me the most interesting parts happened well into it. It does raise fascinating issues of ethics, technology use, AI, soul, and so much more ...