Friday, July 17, 2015

Good Story 112: The Caine Mutiny (novel)

Julie and Scott have a lot of very important things to do, but instead of doing those things, they are going to find out who ate the strawberries. They are absolutely sure that one of you people has a key to the refrigerator. Episode 112, The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk.

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  • Curt Jester's review of The Caine Mutiny

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    1. I finished listening to the book this morning and listed to your podcast right after. Very much enjoyed both.

      I think the one thing I struggled with (like Julie) is what Wouk does such a thorough job of making Queeg seem crazy and like a bad officer that it's really hard for me to get behind Greenwald's assessment of the characters and situation.

      I'm wondering if there's something lost in the distance of time and place. Maybe to Wouk it seemed obvious that even if Queeg was a lousy officer, it was wrong to depose him in that situation, but to me reading from my experience it seems like setting Queeg aside as an obvious and important thing to do.

      Still, I was absolutely involved in the book from start to finish. The audiobook is 26.5 hours long, and I don't think I've got through such a long book so quickly in a long time.