Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Good Story 142: Lilies of the Field

Scott gives away lollipops. Julie wants to sing both parts of Amen with no help. Lilies of the Field (1963) starring Sidney Poitier is the subject of Episode 142.

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Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, San Antonio, taken by Jason Merlo Photography

The Painted Churches of Texas


  1. So, did either of you read the book? And if so, what did you think about how it was adapted. It's been quite a while since I read it, but I seem to recall that since it's written from Homer's POV, you do get some of his back story and a lot of what he's thinking during this whole thing. Also, at the end of the book, after Homer is long gone, you have a scene where there is an image of a black saint on the wall painted by one of the sisters, and the image is based on Homer

    1. The book is waiting for me at the library. The trivia mentioned that last scene in the book versus the movie ...

  2. I saw this movie on TV in the seventies.

    I remember totally loving it and it has really stuck with me. Really need to rewatch.

  3. On the subject of Sidney Poitier's singing - his character sang in The Defiant Ones which was made in 1958. You can judge for yourself here: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/702181/Defiant-Ones-The-Movie-Clip-Open-Long-Gone.html.

    Not that great. ;) (Although I couldn't find verification that it was actually him singing.)