Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good Story 150: The Last Pagan

Julie and Scott try to claim the reward for Julian's death, even though they were nowhere near the place. Mike Aquilina stops talking to Basil the Great just long enough to clear their names.

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  1. Great episode, will have to pick up this book.

    So many parallels to today where now we are trying to Christianize secularism without the consistent philosophy that undergirds it. Trying to live off just the fumes of Christendom.

    As for Mike's recommendations, yes Bennett's "Four Witnesses" is outstanding. A natural storyteller. More particular to the topic of this episode is his book "The Apostasy that Wasn't" which takes his storytelling approach to Constantine, Julian, The Council of Nicea, and all the events around Arius. One of my favorite books.

    1. I've Had Four Witnesses on my list for years and years. Mike's recommendation reminded me to move it to the top.

      I love the way you put it: " Trying to live off just the fumes of Christendom." Yes.