Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Good Story 172: Leviathan Wakes

Scott heard some "facts" from Dan Brown about how things really work. He immediately broadcasted that info to everyone. Julie picked up the Catechism and a bottle to go deliver some hard truths. Sometimes reminders come from unexpected places, like James S. A. Corey's Leviathan Wakes, the subject of Episode 172.

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  1. I got this series recommended to me back when their was only the first book, so have read them all as they came out.

    The first is certainly the best for the reasons outlined in the show. Although there have been a couple really excellent entries. Mostly I enjoyed the ones involving the proto-molecule and what opens up in the universe after that. Others that mainly explored the main characters within our solar system, just were not as strong. I still enjoyed them, but I enjoy the full blown space opera more. The whole Miller/Holden aspects gave depth to the first book, so there is a loss with Miller's involvement deteriorating through the series. Still there are plenty of in-depth characters outside of the crew.

    The novellas I didn't much care for.

    The last book was average, hoping for better with next week's release of Persepolis Rising.

    The television show is just excellent and true to the books as the two writers are involved in the screenplays.