Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Good Story 185: King Kong (1933)

Scott won the scream contest, so Julie had to play Denham in Episode 185: King Kong (1933). The Eighth Wonder of the World!

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  1. One of my all-time favorites. The first time I saw it was the restored version in a theater when I was in high school.

    Have either of you been listening to Rod Bennett's "Popcorn Cathedral" podcast? I have been loving each episode. Recently he did a series with his son Jack on "King Kong died for my sins" which really goes into aspect of storytelling regarding symbols, allegory, and reiteration and how things like the King Kong on a cross scene happens even if the artist did not intend the religious imagery intentionally.

    Super fascinating is the background of it's producer Merian C. Cooper. Air Force pilot (and Polish air force) adventurer, screenwriter, film director, and producer. A real life Carl Denham. He and his co-producer were also involved in a love-triangle and it turns out the girl involved voice was very much like Fay Wray's. So there life made it into the script to some extent. Merian Cooper was also one of the pilots filmed shooting at King Kong in the movie.

    I was actually very tangentially involved in publicity for the 1977 King Kong. Got paid to walk around Downtown Portland in a gorilla suit and pass out plastic King Kong dolls. One thing I remember from the movie was the name of the ship Pettrox - a pun on the fad of the time.

    1. How fun that you were, even tangentially, connected with that version!

      I didn't know all those details - fascinating, especially about Cooper! I tried the first Popcorn Cathedral and never got back to it after that. Will have to try a more recent one. Thanks for the reminder!