Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Good Story 191: Cat People (1942)

Scott warned Julie against going to the pool. She was sorry she ignored him when a were-possum wouldn't let her out of the water. If only she'd brought Scott's sword cane! Good Story 191: Cat People (1942), produced by Val Lewton

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  1. Hey, great episode! I'm glad I was a remote inspiration for watching. I happened to rewatch the Lewton movies this summer just on a whim. Curse of the Cat People is very good (though not as good) but very different--Ollie and Alice are married and have a daughter who is either haunted by a ghost (Irena) or has an overactive imagination. In one of the other movies, The Seventh Victim, Dr. Judd shows up again, smarmy as usual. It must have been set before Cat People! You'll have fun watching them.

    1. Hi Joseph! I'm eager to watch them all. Great stuff, and thanks for pointing us in that direction.