Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Good Story 202: Out of the Silent Planet

Julie and Scott were kidnapped and are now on a spaceship headed for Mars. Julie misses all of humanity. Scott just wants a cheeseburger. Episode 202: Out of the Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis.

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    2. Scott, it is interesting that you mention H.G. Wells since the Space Trilogy consciously echoes Well's novels. That Weston in particular critiques Well's ideas and the materialistic assumptions of science. That partly this is a response also to Well's atheistic assumptions in "Outline of History" and what Lewis termed chronological snobbery.

      "Outline of History" also was the cause behind H.G. Well's friend - G.K. Chesterton to write "The Everlasting Man" as a response.

      1. Interesting! A great conversation, for certain.