Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good Story 029: In Bruges

Julie and Scott are forced to spend the entire movie in #$%^ing Bruges. Not all is lost, though, because they're filming midgets! In Bruges, written and directed by Martin McDonagh.

PS: It's in Belgium.

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  1. I watched this ahead of your review and this was a movie I had never heard of. Wow this was quite a movie with great themes and really quite amazing for a first time directory. So much to like about it from the acting, the story telling, down to just the whole setting of the movie.

    I've always liked Colin Farrell and even more so here. His anguish over the murder of the young boy is palpable and he at times reminds me of Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapons series as somebody seriously struggling down to even some common facial expressions.

    Brendan Gleeson was also pitch perfect though it drove me crazy trying to remember what movie I had seen in him before. I was quite annoyed to look at IMDB and finding it was Mad Eye Moody - of course. I loved him in the HP movies as that seriously quirky character and there is a bit of that in this movie.

    Loved both of your's commentary as it brought out more of the movie for me.

  2. Thank you Jeff! I am delighted that you also liked the movie. And, you know, that connection between Farrell and a young Mel Gibson was there in the back of my mind but I couldn't pin it down until you mentioned it. So thank you for that also!

  3. Julie, I need to rewatch this movie. Btw, I found you through the Anchoress and then through Craftlit - talk about opposites. Along with your podcasts I am also listening to Flicks the Church forgot - thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Wow, talk about a convergence of unusual forces to get you here! :-D

    So glad that you like us and also Peter Laws. I'm always excited when Flicks That Church Forgot downloads. And definitely ... rewatch In Bruges! :-)

  5. Great commentary on the movie! Thanks for that. We took the ferry to Bruges last Thanksgiving and loved the town (which was just getting geared up for Christmas). Afterward we watched this movie which really caught the enchanted spirit of the town, in addition to being a great story.