Thursday, January 29, 2015

Good Story 100: Among Others

How best to celebrate 100 episodes of A Good Story is Hard to Find? By talking about another book, of course! Special Guest Br. Guy Consolmagno, Vatican Astronomer, joins Julie and Scott to discuss a book of his choosing: Among Others by Jo Walton. Episode 100!!

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  • Jesuit Br. Guy Consolmagno wins Carl Sagan award.

  • We are blessed!

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    Mother of the Incarnate Word.


    1. What a great 100th episode!

      While listening I realized that the reason I so liked Among Others is the same reason I love your podcast. The book had so many discussion of classic SF with interesting observations. I wanted to be part of the group she mentioned talking about in that book. The same with your podcast. I liked that aspect more than the muted plot. Although what Brother Guy had to say brought out much more to me.

      When originally reading the book at times I felt like if you wanted to purposely craft a novel to win a Hugo, then this was that book. Still I was much less cynical regarding that when I finished it.

      The funny thing is that I thought this was the first novel I read of hers. When Brother Guy mentioned "Tooth and Claw" I remembered reading that novel which I found rather delightful and fun.

      I also liked the dynamic as the three of you discussed this book and others. Although there was one question I was dying for you to ask him. If he had read Eifelheim, especially considering his own book.

      Again congrats on the 100th and I selfishly hope for many more.

      1. Thank you so much Jeff! Praise from you means so much to me since you were one of my main influences in launching into blogging so long ago! I'm going to look for Tooth and Claw at my library ... and I'll alert Brother Guy to your question.

      2. Jeff, this means a lot. Thank you very very much!

        And that's a great question about Eifelheim! I can't believe I didn't think of that - but down that road are many many books. We'd have been there for hours, which would have been OK by me.

      3. Here's Brother Guy's answer: "of course I know that book… I’ve met the author at SF conventions."

        It must be so much fun for him to be able to meet all those authors, knowing they are just as interesting in meeting him!

      4. Ah, should have realized that. Flynn of course has been to many conventions. I remember him writing about when the subject of faith and science comes up plus he even had an article in Analog regarding this nonsense.

    2. Just started the book, but looking forward to finishing it (3 pages in I already loved how atmospheric it is). Br. Guy was great, as he always is. You should have 'special mystery guests' more often!

      Would it be too much trouble for you to link to all the books that were mentioned in this episode? (At your leisure, of course.) I'm not a super huge reader of sci-fi, but everything you discussed sounds very much worth checking out.

      Congratulations on episode 100! This is my favorite podcast and I'm so glad there is so much of it to love. Here's to 100 more! :D

      1. Hi Joanna ... thank you so much! There are so many podcasts out there that to have this be a favorite means a lot! I'll try to get links up though it may take a while. I need to relisten and take notes this time! It would be a pleasure to help you explore a genre I love so much. :-)

      2. Hi JoAnna - thank you!

        That's a great idea on the links. I listen to the episodes during editing, and why not jot down the titles that come up and link to them?

      3. JoAnna ... I may not get to that for this episode, actually ... have been out of town for a couple of weeks for a family emergency and catching up at home/work is going to be taking up my time for a while. However, I encourage you to Google or look on Amazon for the titles we mentioned. They will pop up 9 times out of 10.

    3. What a great surprise to have Brother Guy, I had no idea he was on until I was listening and heard him introduced! Congrats on Episode 100, time flies the older I get! I didn't know so much of Mori's character was influenced by Jo Walton's personal life, that really adds depth to the book. I found her to be such a great and endearing character, I loved spending time with her!

      I've heard Scott mention he hasn't read Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow yet, have you Julie? I'm pretty confident that once you have both read it, it will quickly become a podcast episode. Thanks for the show, and congrats again!

      1. Sorry I'm just seeing this comment! I have tried a couple of times to read The Sparrow. I'm in the minority because I didn't love the writing or find it beautiful ... and I really, really hated the woman who is like an older hippie type.