Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Good Story 184: The Strangest Way

Scott's walking the Christian path using Star Trek as his guide. Julie's reading Jeeves and Wooster for pointers. Bishop Barron thinks they'd better read his book again. Episode 184, The Strangest Way by Robert Barron.

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- Bishop Barron's Word on Fire


  1. Will have to get this one.

    Scott if you want to read Kristin Lavransdatter, get the audiobook. Even at 45 hours it is so worthwhile. I recently read her biography of Catherine of Siena. Just wonderful and full of details.

    As for Brideshead Revisited. The first time I picked it up, I couldn't get through it. Years later I was more ready for its nuances and story. Now I love it. The 1981 British television serial starring Jeremy Iron is the best adaptation of a complex novel I have ever seen. Closely follows the book. I have read that The Sword of Honour trilogy is considered his best work. I can't judge that, but they are really good. A slightly more comic feel to them, or just some of the ridiculousness of life. Much I could relate to.

    1. Excellent - get the audiobook, and look at her Catherine of Siena biography. Check!

      And very interesting info on Brideshead. I'll look up the TV serial. Any idea if it's on any of the web services?

  2. Not on streaming. I got it through Netflix DVDs. There are 11 episodes.